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Policy: BCC response – The UK’s future regime for the exhaustion of IP rights – August 2021

Prior to 2021, parallel goods were able to move freely in both directions between the UK and EEA. Since 1 January 2021, the UK no longer participates in the EU’s regional exhaustion system, and a legal default has come into effect. As such, this consultation considers what the UK’s future exhaustion regime should be, and if there is to be a change, how any potential changes could be implemented.
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Policy: BCC response – Trade with India call for input – August 2021

There has been sustained growth in exports to India making it an increasingly important market. However, the development of a legitimate and competitive market has been mired in piracy, lack of licensing and erroneous application of limitations of liability. Therefore, a strong copyright and enforcement regime is of utmost importance.
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Policy: BCC response to the IPO’s Call for Views on the UK’s ratification of the Beijing Treaty – June 2021

The Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances is an international agreement to provide intellectual property rights in audiovisual performances. These include performances given by actors, musicians, dancers and other performers that are incorporated in films, television programmes and other audiovisual recordings. UK law already meets most of the standards required by the Treaty. However, there are some areas which require us to change our law. The Treaty also contains optional provisions which countries can choose whether and how to implement.
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