The World in London

On 14th November twenty delegates from around the world arrived in London for the 21st Advanced Level Training Seminar on Copyright and Related Rights organised by the British Copyright Council for the World Intellectual Property Organisation and held in association with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Delegates from countries as far apart as Cameroon, Romania and Thailand met together for two busy weeks under the guidance of Professor Adrian Sterling and Florian Koempel, to obtain a better understanding and some experience of UK copyright law, its theory and practice and to review it in the context of national, regional and international developments. The seminar addressed specific issues from the moral rights of authors to the challenges presented by cloud computing and examined the situation in and requirements of developing countries. Sessions took the form of presentations, case studies and projects.

As well as support from UK IPO, the seminar was made possible with support from industry sponsors:- ALCS, Bird & Bird, BBC, CLA, ERA, Musicians’ Union, PPL and PRS for Music. Thanks are also due to the judges, legal practitioners, academics and industry experts, who gave their time to the preparation and presentation some fifty presentation, most of which are available to delegates in the Training section of the BCC’s website for their future use.

The next BCC WIPO Training Seminar is scheduled for the 13th to 24th October 2014. Organisations interested in support the seminar should contact janet@britishcopyright.org and potential developing country delegates should, in the first instance, go to WIPO Academy


The_World_in_London2013_1.jpgPhotograph from Prachaya Pairojkulmanee

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