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 WIPO Training Seminar 2018

26th Advanced Level Training Seminar in Copyright and Related Rights organised by the British Copyright Council and the WIPO Academy, in partnership with the Centre for Commerical Law Studies at Queen Mary University of London, and the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office.

Date: Monday 3rd to Friday 14th September 2018

Seminar Outline:

The primary aim of this two-week intensive training is to provide a guide to the operation of copyright and related rights, both in law and in practice, in the UK and in the context of European and international developments.

The seminar programme has been carefully developed over the past 26 years and structured on the seven areas below. It includes current issues such as those relating to the use of protected material on the internet, together with case studies.

1. Subsistence of copyright
2. Policy making and regulatory role
3. Issues for developing countries
4. Enforcement of copyright
5. Facilitating access and licensing
6. An introduction to collective management organisations
7. Legal protection and rights in practice

The seminar receives CPD credits from the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority and by the Bar Standards Board.


Our speakers are senior executives working for member organisations of the British Copyright Council. They also include legal practitioners, academics and those working for specialist law firms and other companies and organisations with an interest in copyright and related rights.


Programme Co-ordinators: Dr Gaetano Dimita, Senior Lecturer in International Intellectual Property Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London and Florian Koempel, International Copyright Consultant to the British Copyright Council
Course Organiser: Elisabeth Ribbans, Director of Policy & Public Affairs, British Copyright Council
Participant Liaison: Sharon Smith, Office Administrator, British Copyright Council

Who is the seminar for?

The seminar is part of WIPO’s Worldwide Academy’s Professional Development Programme and primarily aimed at officials and others nominated by the Governments of developing countries. Those participating via the Academy’s Programme must have completed its Distance Learning Course (DL-101), have passed its examination. Those interested in attending should contact the WIPO Worldwide Academy in the first instance. Click here for more details of the WIPO Worldwide Academy Professional Development Programme.

One or two places are available by arrangement for UK government officials, industry and practitioners. Those interested in attending should contact info@britishcopyright.org for more information.


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