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Alliance for Intellectual Property

A coalition of British trade associations and industry enforcement bodies which seeks to strengthen IP laws.
an: Artists Information Company, The

Part of Artists’ Newsletter publications group. Its guides for artists are only available on subscription.
Anti-Copying in Design

A membership organization for designers committed to fighting copyright theft and protection of design rights. The site includes some useful information on design rights.
Artists' Collecting Society (ACS)

The ACS was set up in June 2006 to collect resale royalties (Droit de Suite) on behalf of artists in the UK. ACS was set up in response to requests from artists and their dealers via The British Art Market Federation (BAMF) and The Society of London Art Dealers (SLAD) for artists to be provided with a choice of collecting society for the management of Artist's Resale Right.
Association of Authors' Agents (AAA)

A voluntary body to provide a forum for member agencies to discuss industry matters, to uphold a code of good practice, and to provide a vehicle for representing the interests of agents and authors.
Association of Illustrators (AOI)

Established in 1973 to advance and protect illustrator's rights and encourage professional standards. It is a non-profit making trade association dedicated to its members' professional interests and the promotion of illustration.
Association of Independent Music (AIM)

AIM is a trade body which promotes and protects independent record producers at national and international level. Its site includes a useful list of industry links.
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP)

The largest international trade association for scholarly and professional publishers, which aims to serve, represent and strengthen the community of scholarly publishers and those who work with them. ALPSP runs training courses, seminars and webinars, organises an international conference, and provides representation, information and guidelines for good practice.
Association of Photographers

A not for profit membership based organisation for Professional Photographers, Agents, Assistants and Students, as well as Affiliated Colleges and Affiliated Companies. Our aims are to promote and protect the worth and standing of our members, to vigorously defend, educate and lobby for the interests and rights of all photographers in the photographic profession.
Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS)

Represents the interests of all UK writers and aims to ensure writers are fairly compensated for any works that are copied, broadcast or recorded.
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Its objectives are to promote the study and practice of computing and to advance knowledge of and education in IT for the benefit of the public.
Book Trust, The

An organization set up by the book industry to encourage reading. It offers training for those working in the publishing industry.
BPI (British Recorded Music Industry) Ltd

BPI is a trade organisation protecting and promoting the UK recorded music business.
British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA)

Support and protect the artistic, professional, commercial and copyright interests of songwriters, lyricists and composers of all genres of music and to celebrate and encourage excellence in British music writing.
British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA)

The British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies, or BAPLA, is the trade association for picture libraries in the UK, and has been a trade body since 1975. Members include the major news, stock and production agencies as well as Sole Traders and Cultural Heritage Institutions.
British Equity Collecting Society Ltd (BECS)

The only UK based collective management organisation for audiovisual performers. It represents the interests of its members in the negotiation and administration of performers' remuneration.
British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP)

Run by photographers, for photographers, they provide advice and support, along with a programme of training courses, the most respected professional photographic qualifications in the country and a host of regional and national events and seminars.
British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association

The UK national group of the International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI). It is a forum for discussion of matters affecting the rights of authors and other copyright owners. A membership organization.
Broadcasting Entertainment, Cinematograph & Theatre Union (BECTU)

BECTU has circa 25,000 members working in the creative sectors and particularly in broadcasting, independent production, film, theatre and new media. BECTU represents all off-screen/behind the scenes grades (but for supporting artistes in London and the South East who are supported by BECTU). The union’s membership is equally split between staff and freelance workers.
Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIOJ)

Both an independently certificated trade union and professional association, the CIOJ was formed in 1884 and granted a Royal Charter in 1890 by Queen Victoria. It has been serving and protecting the best interests of journalism and journalists ever since.
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)

The leading professional body for librarians and information managers.
Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)

Institute includes useful information about Patents as well as lists of its members.
Chartered Society of Designers (CSD)

A long established professional society for designers representing companies as well as individual designers.
Christian Copyright Licensing International Ltd

CCLI exists to help individuals, churches, schools and organizations in the area of worship. Its services include licensing the reproduction of hymns and songs used in acts of worship, including times of Collective Worship in schools. Their site also includes an "ABC of Church Copyright".
Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd (CLA), The

CLA license organisations to copy and re-use extracts from print & digital publications on behalf of the copyright owners - authors, publishers and visual artists.
Copyright Tribunal, The

Information about the Copyright Tribunal can be found on The Intellectual Property Office website.

Helps prevent illegal copying.
Crafts Council

National organization for the promotion of contemporary crafts. The site includes information on how to run a crafts business.

The RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy, based at the University of Glasgow. It is funded jointly by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). CREATe investigates the future of creative production in the digital age, and in particular the role of copyright.
Creative Industries Council
Creative Industries Federation

The Creative Industries Federation is the national membership organisation bringing together all of the UK’s arts, creative industries and cultural education to provide an authoritative and united voice in a way never done before.
Creators' Rights Alliance

A campaigning body for major organizations representing copyright creators and content providers.
Design & Artists Copyright Society (DACS)

Established by artists for artists, DACS is a not-for-profit rights management organisation providing three rights management services for visual artists: Payback, Artist's Resale Right and Copyright Licensing.
Design Business Association (DBA)

The DBA is the trade association for design in the UK; building the bridge between designers and businesses, and championing effective design.
Design Council

A charity dedicated to improving people's lives through the use of design. They offer paid-for design support, deliver partner-funded programmes, and campaign to raise awareness of the value of design.
Directors Guild of Great Britain

The industry body for directors in all media including film and television.
Directors UK

Directors UK is the professional association of directors working with the moving image in the UK. Directors UK exists to ensure that the importance and centrality of directors is recognised, and to give directors a powerful and united voice at the centre of the industry. Directors UK works with directors to: protect and enhance directors' creative rights; negotiate, collect, and manage the right to receive payment; represent directors and directing to Government in the UK and in Europe; and provide valuable services and benefits to members.
Educational Recording Agency Ltd (ERA)

On behalf of its Members, ERA is a copyright collecting society which operates a Licensing Scheme for educational use of copyright protected material. Uniquely serving the UK education sector, ERA is one of a range of collecting societies which help copyright owners and performers derive an income from the licensed use of their works. ERA Members include broadcasters, authors and artist collecting societies, performers' unions and representative bodies for owners of copyright films and sound recordings.
Edward Elgar Publishing

Founded in 1986, they are a leading international family publisher in economics, finance, business and management, law and public policy. They have successfully created a prestigious list with over 3000 titles in print, publishing over 300 new books a year. Specializing in research monographs, reference books and upper-level textbooks in highly focused areas, they are able to offer a unique service in terms of editorial, production and worldwide marketing.

The main function of Equity is to negotiate minimum terms and conditions of employment throughout the entire world of entertainment and to endeavour to ensure these take account of social and economic changes.
European Commission

The European Commission is the executive of the European Union and promotes its general interest.
European Patent Office
European Union

EU website look for Directorate General Internal Market which is responsible for legislation on all forms of IP including copyright.
European Union IPO Observatory

The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights is a network of experts and specialist stakeholders.
European Visual Artists (EVA)

Interest group representing the collecting societies for European visual artists and their members. It is active at European and International level.
Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)

FACT's member companies include major British and American film companies, media manufacturers and distributors, as well as companies within the television and satellite TV industries. It was formed to combat counterfeiting, piracy and misuse of its members' products and is increasingly investigating copyright infringement involving DVD and other digital formats. The site has a facility for making reports about piracy. It also includes information on relevant legislation.
Federation Against Software Theft (FAST)

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) was set up by the British Computer Society's Copyright Committee and was the first software copyright organization. Illegal use of software can be reported through the site.
Federation of Commercial Audio Visual Libraries (FOCAL)

FOCAL International is a not-for-profit professional trade association limited by guarantee which represents commercial audio-visual footage libraries. Focal International's library members include broadcasters, news organisations, archives and institutes, commercial, cultural, educational and similar archives on six continents.
Filmbank Media

Leaders in non-theatrical distribution and includes content provision and screening licences.
GESAC (European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers)

GESAC groups 33 of the largest authors' societies in the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. It represents about 1 million creators and rights holders in the area of music, audiovisual work, visual arts, and literary and dramatic works.
Graphic & Digital Design Courses

A range of visual and creative diplomas, certificates and preparation courses that will introduce you to a new world of design possibilities
Her Majesty's Customs and Excise

Notice 34 on Intellectual Property Rights explains how HMC&E operates EC legislation on counterfeiting and piracy.
Incorporated Society of Musicians

The Incorporated Society of musicians is a UK professional body for musicians. They champion the importance of music and protect the rights of those working within music services, campaigns, support and practical advice. The ISM offers peace of mind with their high quality legal expertise, casework and comprehensive insurance; it is proud of the support it has given to its members since 1882.
Informa Law Library

Journal focusing exclusively on international copyright law.
Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

The UK's independent public body set up to promote access to official information and protect personal information by promoting good practice, ruling on eligible complaints, providing information to individuals and organisations, and taking appropriate action when the law is broken.
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

The trade body and professional institute for leading advertising agencies in the UK.
Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

Institute includes useful information about Trade Marks as well as lists of its members.
Intellectual Property Institute

The IPI promotes awareness and understanding of IP law. It commissions research and has a range of publications.
Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

The website of the Government Department with direct responsibility for all forms of intellectual property. Includes a range of information about each area of IP and includes notices on existing and forthcoming legislation and all current consultations.
Interactive Games Developers Association, The

TIGA aims to foster a better commercial environment for independent games development companies.
International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers

CISAC represents 209 authors' societies in 109 countries.
International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI)

Represents the international recording industry. The website has an anti-piracy section and information on copyright and creativity.
IP Kat
IP Pro bono

The intellectual property pro bono initiative - IP Pro Bono - provides intellectual property advice and legal support for claimants and defendants in intellectual property disputes.
La Charte des auteurs et des illustrateurs pour la jeunesse

LexisNexis for a wide range of intellectual property publications including those published by Butterworths. LexisNexis UK - Butterworths - Tolley Innovative Business, Legal solutions.
Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA)

Brings together the UK's major professional organisations and experts representing librarians and archivists to advocate a fair and balanced copyright regime and to lobby about the copyright issues affecting the ability of library, archive and information services to deliver access to knowledge in the digital age.
Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC)

An independent copyright licensing agency that provides the MPLC Umbrella license to ensure copyright compliance for the public performance of motion pictures.
Music Publishers Association

The MPA exists to safeguard the interests of music publishers and the writers signed to them. It provides them with a forum and a collective voice, offers them a range of practical services, represents their interests to the wider music industry, the media and the public and works to inform and to educate the wider public in the importance and value of copyright.
Musicians' Union

The Musicians' Union represents thirty thousand musicians working in all sectors of the music business. As well as negotiating on behalf of its members with all the major employers in the industry, the MU offers a range of services for self-employed professional and student musicians of all ages. Visit the MU website and find our how the Union can help you with your career, whether you work in the live arena, the recording studio, in education or as a writer/composer.
National Endowment for Science Technology & the Arts

Funding body which invests in outstanding ideas and supporting British talent.
National Union of Journalists (NUJ)

The voice for journalists and journalism. An active campaigning organisation seeking to improve the pay and conditions of their members and working to protect and promote media freedom, professionalism and ethical standards in all media.
Newspaper Licensing Agency

Is a rights licensing & database company owned by publishers.
NUJ freelance

Not the main NUJ website but the site provided by the London Freelance Branch of the NUJ with lots of copyright information.
Oxford University Press

Useful publications on the subject of law.
Poetry Society, The

Exists to help poetry and poets. The site includes faq's.

The London based music licensing company which licenses recorded music on behalf of 3,400 record companies and 39,500 performers in the UK.

Pro-music is a coalition of people and organisations working across the music sector. The international alliances of musicians, performers, managers, artists, major and independent record companies and retailers across the music industry have joined forces to promote the myriad of different ways in which people can enjoy music safely and legitimately online.
Producers Alliance for Cinema & Television

UK trade association representing the commercial interests of independent feature film, tv, animation and interactive media companies.
Professional Publishers Association (PPA)

The PPA promotes and protects the interests of print and online publishers of consumer and business media in the UK. The PPA has around 200 publishing companies in its membership, which collectively produce more than 2,500 consumer and business magazines and journals as well as digital media, data products and events.
PRS for Music

PRS for music represents the rights of 85,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK. As a not-for-profit organisation it ensures creators are paid whenever their music is played , performed or reproduced; championing the importance of copyright to protect and support the UK music industry.
Public Art On-Line

This site is a useful resource for those involved in commissioning public art including best practice for artists and commissioners.
Public Lending Right (PLR)

PLR was established by the Public Lending Right Act 1979.
Publishers Licensing Society (PLS)

The Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) represents the interest of publishers in the collective licensing of photocopying and digitisation. Established over 30 years ago, PLS is a not for profit organisation owned and directed by the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP), the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) and the Publishers Association (PA). Its role is to: oversee a collective licensing scheme in the UK for book, journal and magazine copying; stimulate innovation and good practice in rights management, and clarify the relationship between traditional copyright management practices and those needed in the digital age.
Publishers' Association (PA)

The leading trade organisation serving book, journal, audio and electronic publishers in the UK. Its core service is representation and lobbying, around copyright, rights and other matters relevant to members, who represent roughly 80% of the industry by turnover.
Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute

Part of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies and Queen Mary, University of London, QMIPRI is a focus for research into all aspects of intellectual property law and policy.
Radio Centre

RadioCentre was founded in 2006 after the merger of the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and the Commercial Radio Companies Association (CRCA). RadioCentre gives UK commercial radio a voice, working with government, policy makers and regulators as well as providing a forum for industry-wide debate and discussion.

Consultancy specializing in rights management and technology advisory service. Site includes a 'Survivor's Guide to Copyright.'
Royal National Institute for the Blind

The RNIB is the UK's leading charity for people with sight problems. Their website includes information on the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002.
Royal Photographic Society (RPS), The

The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 to 'promote the Art of Science of Photography', a mission it continues to this day.
Society of Authors

An independent trade union, representing writers' interests in all aspects of the writing profession, particularly publishing, but also broadcasting, television and film, theatre and translation.
Sweet & Maxwell

Wide range of books on all forms of IP.
The 1709 Blog

Blog dedicated to all things copyright.
Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

The website of the World Trade Organization with information on Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS).
UK Music

UK Music is an umbrella organisation representing the collective interests of the UK's commercial music industry, from artists, musicians, songwriters and composers, to major and independent record labels, managers, music publishers, studio producers and collecting societies.
US Copyright Office

The Government Department responsible for copyright in the USA. Its site contains information and answers to faq's.
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

WIPO is responsible for promoting and protecting all forms of intellectual property through the international treaties it administers including the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.
Writers Guild of Great Britain

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain is the trade union representing writers in TV, radio, theatre, books, poetry, film, online and video games.
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