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Working Group on Principles of Good Practice for CMOs

The British Copyright Council's Working Group on Principles of Good Practice for CMOs met for the first time in May 2010 and was responsible for developing a policy framework, entitled the BCC Principles of Collective Management Organisations' Codes of Conduct, endorsed by the full BCC in May 2012 and the purpose of which is to set the standards which CMOs applied in terms of their treatment of members and licensees and for internal governance processes. They also aim to improve core information about the activities and operations of CMOs.

The Working Group was originally made up of representatives of CMO members of the BCC but now includes representatives of other CMOs subscribing to the Principles. The Principles are part of a self-regulatory process and includes an independent external complaints mechanism (Ombudsman Services Copyright Licensing) and an Independent Code Reviewer was appointed by the British Copyright Council in August 2013. He is Walter Merricks, CBE. The website for the Independent Code Review can be found here.

The Working Group meets as and when needed.

Members of the WGPGP - (92.89 KB, pdf)

Members of the WGPGP as at Aug 2014


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