Board Members

The Board of the British Copyright Council is made up of eight Directors, including the Chairman and the Treasurer. Three other individuals participate in Board discussions but do not vote or hold Directorial responsibilities. They are the President of Honour, the Vice President and the Director of Policy & Public Affairs.

Trevor Cook

Trevor Cook, Solicitor, WilmerHale
Director, Chairman
Nominated by all Members (Article 8.1(f)). Trevor is independent and not representative of a Member organisation.

Nicola Solomon

Nicola Solomon, General Secretary, Society of Authors
Director, Literary and Dramatic Works
(Article 8.1(a)).

John Mottram

John Mottram, Head of Public Affairs, PRS for Music
Director, Musical Works
(Article 8.1(b))

Isabelle Doran

Isabelle Doran, Chairperson, British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA)
Director, Artistic Works
(Article 8.1(c)).

Andrew Yeates

Andrew Yeates, IP Adviser, PPA
Director, Categories of Works other than Literary & Dramatic, Musical and Artistic
(Article 8.1(d))

Sarah Faulder

Sarah Faulder, Chief Executive, Publishers Licensing Society
Director, Treasurer
Director nominated by all Members (Article 8.1(e))

Peter Leathem

Peter Leathem, Chief Executive Officer, PPLUK
Nominated by any Member (Article 8.1(g))

Richard Combes

Richard Combes, Head of Rights and Licensing, ALCS
Nominated by any Member (Article 8.1(h))

Maureen Duffy

Maureen Duffy, FRSL
President of Honour

Geoffrey Adams

Geoffrey Adams, Vice President

Elisabeth Ribbans

Elisabeth Ribbans
Director of Policy & Public Affairs