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Who we are
Founded in 1965 and incorporated in 2007, the British Copyright Council is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a forum for discussion of copyright law and related issues at UK, European and International levels. The BCC is independent, receives no government funding and is the only organisation of its kind in the UK.

We aim to provide an effective, authoritative and representative voice for the copyright community. We represent those who create, hold interests in or manage rights in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, films, sound recordings, broadcasts and other material in which there are rights of copyright or related rights; and those who perform such works.

What we do
Copyright and related rights provide creators and performers with a means of earning a living, as well as being an important tool for those at the business end of the creative and cultural industries.

We inform and represent our members, and promote the effectiveness of and respect for copyright. In the UK the BCC is consulted by government departments, agencies and regulators. We follow copyright developments in the European Union and are an NGO Observer Member of the World Intellectual Property Organisation. We maintain links with similar bodies in other countries.

We encourage members to review and debate proposals for legislative change in the field of copyright and related rights. Discussions on specific issues take place either in the full Council or in delegated Working Groups. From these discussions the Council's views are developed and further member consultation takes place before final approval.

The Council responds to proposals or consultations initiated by the British Government, Directorate Generals of the European Commission or Parliament and at International level by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). However, we also respond to papers produced by other interest groups and are pro-active in making recommendations and urging action on Government and other policymakers.

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